Why Turkey is a Great Destination for International Conferences?

Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Mersin as the major MICE centers in Turkey, the country offers great opportunities for the event planners and participants. The combination of history, culture, nature and gastronomy makes Turkey a fantastic location and creating exciting opportunities. Here are the main reasons why Turkey is a great destination for international conferences!

Unique Locations: Istanbul

Istanbul, which is at the meeting point of Asia and Europe, is a hub that is easily accessible from all over the world. The giant city, which is the melting pot of civilizations as well, is the perfect spot to gather different cultures from many corners of the world under one roof! You can find a venue suitable for every conference and you can encourage your guests to have unforgettable experiences during non-event times. In Istanbul, where unique examples of Turkish cuisine and world cuisines gathered, you will definitely find a place that will appeal to the tastes of people from many different cultures.

World-Class Venues

Major cities of Turkey over different styles that appeal to many events hosted by world-renowned quality event companies. In our event centres, companies can organize events on a wide scale from small exhibitions to international conferences and safely host their guests. It is possible to make an event program suitable for every style and range. The cities offer countless hotels, restaurants and event venues all at world-class standards.

Improved Public Transportation Infrastructure

Inter-city public transport infrastructure of the major cities in Turkey is quite advanced. You can easily reach any destination by several means of transportation such as metro lines, buses, minibuses and ferries. You can also travel between cities by air, land and rail. One of the advantages of being the world's largest accessible MICE centres is that they can be reached easily from anywhere in the world.

Variety of Leisure

One of the best things about MICE organizations is that it brings work and entertainment together. In this case, it is referred to as Bleisure. An event that may be ordinary and boring to some, at a random destination, may have a different appeal in Turkey. Participants can experience the delights of what Turkey has to offer as well as they conduct their business.


All of Turkey’s conference and congress centres throughout the major cities offer great gastronomical experiences, at the venues themselves or one of the many restaurants available locally. Having great examples of traditional Turkish and international cuisines in one region helps make sure every plate served is satisfying. Having delicious options for organizations of hundreds yet thousands with different cultures provides a sense of relief to both the event planners and the participants.

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