Turkish Thermal Springs

When we look back through the humanity’s search of healing sources for centuries, Turkey being on a geothermal zone defines the country as 'A Thermal Paradise'. With close to 1300 thermal springs, each one full of a variety of minerals that are important for health, make the country a great place to visit when in search of healing sources.

Thermal water sources in Anatolia have been used since ancient times. Some settlements in Anatolian lands, which are rich in hot springs and mineral waters, established near thermal springs. For example, the Ancient City of Hierapolis was established around Pamukkale, which is a thermal spring. The ancient pool in the city of Hierapolis has a history of 2500 years. In the earthquake that occurred in 692 AD, the columns of the city of Hierapolis were demolished and caused the thermal water to rise. After the earthquake, a natural thermal pool was formed in which the ancient city columns were submerged. The opportunity to enter the ancient pool, which has a temperature of 36 degrees at all times, regardless of the weather conditions, attracts the attention of visitors. The healing waters of the Hierapolis ancient pool were so famous that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra frequently visited here and gave the pool another common name: Cleopatra Pool.

The history of thermal pools in Turkey dates back many years. The Hittites thought to be the first civilization to discover the benefits of thermal water resources in Anatolia. Many baths have been built by the Hittites in regions with mineral hot spring. In the ancient Greek and Roman periods, hot springs were also given great importance. In the period of the Ottoman Empire, hot water springs combined with the Turkish Bath culture gained worldwide fame. The thermal springs in Bursa and Yalova thermal springs were modernized and opened for use during the Republican period. Today, historical facilities from that period still serve.

With the wealth of resources in terms of thermal spas in the world, Turkey hosts among the first seven countries and also ranks # 1 in Europe. Visitors from all over the world who come to the thermal facilities, which are frequently encountered in the Central Anatolia, Aegean and Marmara regions, can be treated with special muds as well as the healing waters. These waters are not only good for healing externally but can also be consumed by drinking and breathing in the air around you. Physical therapy, diet, exercise, climate cure, aromatherapy, massage, rehabilitation, medical therapy and psychotherapy are also applied within the scope of Balneotherapy in thermal facilities.

The healing waters in the lands of Anatolia have attracted many visitors from all over the world from past to present. The amazing healing waters of Turkey, make the country not only a healing spot, but also a great getaway destination for a comfortable and relaxing vacation in every season. Visit Turkey for a peaceful vacation where you can rest yourself both mentally & physically.

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