Forum İstanbul, the largest shopping and entertainment centre in Turkey, offers visitors an exceptional world with 286 national and international stores and it is also home to unique attraction centres like LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, SEA LIFE Istanbul Aquarium FunLab, Joypark and Cinemaximum Cinema Complex.

Forum İstanbul changes usual shopping rituals with a variety of brand mix, guaranteed entertainment, strong sales and promotions, modern, spacious architecture and artworks. It’s easy to reach by taking just 35 km from İstanbul Airport, Forum İstanbul is on the Kocatepe stop of the Bus Terminal – Airport metro line.

A Wonder Entertainment Experience!

SEA LIFE Istanbul, there is an underwater ocean tunnel of 83 meters, almost the length of a football field. This is the longest ocean tunnel in Turkey and Europe. In the aquarium, hosts 61 sharks of 15 different species. Hammerhead, Sand Tiger, Guitar, Nurse, Zebra, Gray Reef, Black Fin sharks and many more types of sharks are the shark family of SEA LIFE Istanbul.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Istanbul, one of the world's most famous entertainment centers, offers fun and educational activities for families with children aged 3-10 in an area of 3,000 m2 within Forum Istanbul. Families push the limits of their creativity with more than 5 million LEGO parts and the LEGO Store.


Shopping, Entertainment, Social Life and Gastronomy Centre

Emaar Square Mall, which has been one of the parts of social life in Istanbul since 28 April 2017, continues to host its visitors with its unique and inclusive line.

Emaar Square Mall project entered into service to provide an area where meets all the needs of its visitors from Turkey and other countries, as a result of this mission it hosts 491 separate brands also carries a wellness centre features over the 138 thousand 423 square meters field.

At the same time luxury, accessible luxury and economic; offers options for every budget in one place. Along with the brand's own discounts and deals, Emaar Square makes shopping easier with the advantages it offers to its visitors.Emaar Square embraces the heart of fashion while hosting various brands from Italian, French, German, American and many parts of the world; It creates a traditional, modern, popular and universal concept by including Turkish brands in its field all the while offering economical, accessible luxury; it offers options for every budget in one place.


Opened in September 2007 with 300 stores to offer the best service to visitors. Provide a vast selection thanks to our 270.000m2 construction area, 87.000m2 store area, 3600 units carpark and wide range of stores. It is our pleasure to offer viable alternatives to our wide scale of visitors from all ages and backgrounds.

The shopping mall features both indoor and outdoor space. With its giant glass dome and glass ceilings our mall brings the sun in and gives our visitors the perfect harmony of indoor comfort and outdoor airiness.

We managed to combine fun, sports and shopping thanks to 12 theater cinema complex (1 IMAX 3D), 3500 m2 Hillside City Club gym and fine restaurants offering the delicacies of world cuisines. Also 20 little speciality stores at our Bazaar area are ready to serve your gourmet pleasures.

Since our day one, we put our name on a lot of beginnings. In 2008, world’s biggest real estate and retail expo, Mapic, crowned us as the "Shopping Mall developer of the Year Award". In 2009, International Shopping Mall Council ICSC, awarded us with Grand Opening, Expansion & Renovation and Maxi Silver awards. Same year we were also announced as Europe’s Best Shopping Mall by ICSC. Also, Shopping Malls and Retailers Association AMPD gave us the award "Shopping Mall of the Year" award.


As the largest shopping mall in the city center, İstanbul Cevahir offers its visitors world class shopping 365 days of the year. Considered one of İstanbul's symbolic venues, Cevahir is a shopping and leisure destination for tourists as well as locals.

İstanbul Cevahir houses over 200 stores spreading across 6 floors, consisting of a diverse range of shopping categories and a full range of brands. Its wide variety of restaurants and cafes offer world cuisines and are another reason İstanbul Cevahir is a popular choice for all. The movie theaters and the state theater make Cevahir an indispensable part of the social scene.

İstanbul Cevahir is also home to the largest enclosed entertainment center in Turkey, boosting thrill rides , children’s areas and a large selection of exciting games.

İstanbul Cevahir is not only a shopping mall but the city’s most prominent center of entertainment, fashion, cuisine, culture and social life under one roof.

Cevahir is İstanbul, İstanbul is Cevahir.


Carried out in 2008 as the first investment of Via Properties in Istanbul, Viaport Asia Outlet Shopping has become one of the most visited centres in Turkey today.

Built over a total 365 thousand m2 space, Viaport Asia has become the heart of social life thanks to its 250 stores, 4000-vehicle carpark, amusement centres, cinemas and other facility addressing all other needs.

Designed in a street concept with its outdoor architecture, Viaport Asia offers the quality to its customers at affordable prices at its stores designed in an “outlet” concept. Offering an atmosphere in touch with the nature at the food courts situated by the lakeside away from the commotion of the city, Viaport Asia opens the doors to a natural life in touch with the peacocks, rabbits, dogs and cats.

One of the popular living centres preferred by families with children, Viaport Asia peaks the fun with the Ponny Club, Amusement Centre, bowling and cinema.

The flowers of the season, placed along the roadside in the streets designed in the style of a Mediterranean town, marry the glitter of the windows and create a fantastic view. Located at Viaport Asia, the Bedesten (Covered Bazaar), which is designed to reflect the miniature architecture of the Grand Bazaar, literally takes our visitors to a journey into history. Making a strong impression thanks to its dome decorated by the National Artists in 3 months, Bedesten is one of most popular spots of the visitors thanks to its acoustic structure and majesty.

Located at the Viaport Asia, Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia is the primary preference of accommodation for the foreign visitors. Viaport Asia, 10 min. drive to Sabiha Gokcen, welcomes 30 percent of 25 million visitors annually.

Also selected as one of the most successful MALL investments in Turkey thanks to its location and architecture and functions, Viaport Asia welcomes its 10th year with a great enthusiasm.

Viaport Asia , all colours of life are here…

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