The Best Rafting Spots in Turkey

Nature and sports enthusiastic travellers can get their adrenaline from rafting, a sport also highly acclaimed in Turkey. Rich geography with many exciting river rafting points each as good as the other. Every year thousands of people, professional and amateurs alike enjoy the many fast paced rivers. If you're a little adventurous and like a little excitement, then Turkey has many rafting spots for you.

Plan your holiday route by taking a look at the best rafting spots on offer!

Popular route: Köprülü River

The Köprülü River can be categorised as the rafting centre of Turkey. Starting from the Taurus Mountains and passing through natural canyons, Köprüçay flows into the Mediterranean from the south of Serik. It is fed by underground waters in the canyons, which are steep on both sides and almost impossible to climb, and is suitable for rafting in all seasons. Thanks to its approximately 12 kilometres long track, it also offers athletes the chance to see the historical bridges from a different perspective.

Day Trip Adventures: Melen River

The Melen River is a rafting point where the Marmara and the Black Sea regions meet. There is a 16 km course, which gets crowded in spring. Paddling the course takes approximately 1.5 hours and is classified as level 3 in difficulty. Springtime is the best season for rafting. The excitement of pristine nature and curvy high drops accompanies visitors along the course.

World Famous River: Çoruh River

Coruh River is one of the world's fastest flowing rivers, located in Artvin. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the first rafting spots which comes to the mind in Turkey. The river has 4 courses of different difficulty levels with a total length of 169 km. Every year, international competitions are held on the Coruh River and thousands of people participate all over from the world. The river even becomes more beautiful in May and June.

The Popular Choice: Dalaman River

Perfect for beginners! Dalaman River is great for history and nature lovers who want to mix in a little adventure into their lives as they raft their way through this course. This 12 km long rafting course, has two different courses depending on the difficulty level, which can be completed in about 2 hours. The river is divided into two parts of the village of Akköprü where there is easy access. Dalaman River, which is very close to popular destinations such as Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum, is great in every season of the year.

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