The 7 Best Diving Spots in Turkey


Rumour has it the area around Ayvalik is the location of the lost city of Atlantis. While Atlantis is a myth for the ages, Ayvalik is a diving spot to explore now, with unique diving options off of Gunes Island, Yuvarlak Island and Kerbela Rocks. A variety of beautiful fish, colourful species and coral reefs live in the sea. The most interesting though, is the dive from Kiz Island where an abundance of corals, seaweeds and other seagrasses can be observed from a depth of 19m.


The southern district of Kas in Antalya Province is one of Turkey's most cherished diving spots. Kas has a range of diving options from Kas to Kalkan further to the east and Patara to the west. Crystal clear waters allow for near perfect clarity. Fish, sea life, seaweed, grasses, some coral

and sea sponges amongst traces of ruined cities populate the dives in this area.


Bodrum has a number of unique bays around the peninsula. The seas swiftly change from shallow to astonishingly deep, with steady fish, octopus, seaweed and seagrasses and sea sponges. In fact, it was during a sponge diving when a local stumbled upon the wreck of the Uluburun, a Bronze Age vessel dating back to the 14th Century BC, now on display at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.


Datca is a beautiful area with hot springs, glorious coves and beaches. It is also a key marine centre as the most important nesting site for Caretta Caretta (loggerhead) turtles in Turkey. The headland boasts many beautiful coves and areas for snorkelling and diving, with dolphins, sharks and other marine life spotted regularly in the region. Datça offers memorable underwater experiences for you to enjoy.


Mersin, further east on the Mediterranean coast is a very popular dive site. The area has an interesting history, having passed through the hands of the Armenians, Greek, Romans, Selcuks and eventually, to the Ottomans. The area has many bays and inlets where it's possible to view elements of past lives through lost artefacts and tickets. Dana Island, Sancak Bay and the area near Tasucu are worth investigating.


Gallipoli on the Dardanelles Strait, close to Canakkale, is positively teeming with marine life and fascinating shipwrecks. As the site of a WWI battle between the English forces and their allies against the Turks. Highlights include the wreck of the cargo ship Lundi, hit and sunk by a torpedo on April 15, 1915 and the HMS Majestic, which lies 18-28 m below sea level.


Antalya is a great spot for those learning to dive. With many diving schools in the area and a variety of different dive sites to choose from, divers of all levels will be delighted with what's on offer under the sea.

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