6 Most Instagramable Spots in Turkey

Turkey’s wealth of history, natural beauty, landscape and with all the colours of the rainbow present is a priceless value for Instagram. Every shade and tone of blue can be found in the surrounding seas on all three sides, making Turkey a peninsula. A close friend of blue is of course green, an essential colour in Turkey’s spectrum. Due to the different types of vegetation spread across the country, you can see all the colours nature as on offer. With all four seasons experienced in Turkey, the country’s natural, historical and architectural beauty will have your heads turning. Colours, vibrancy and patterns all over the place will surely get you more ‘likes’ on your Instagram. There is so much visual richness and perfect photo opportunities in the landscape, so we’ve compiled a small part for you. Here are the 6 most Instagrammable spots in Turkey.


The Bosphorus is a very special place with its strategic location and stunning views. The reason why Istanbul is one of the most important, beautiful and interesting cities in the world is because of the Bosphorus. Both sides of the city are connected with this strait, the north side goes on to the Black Sea and the southern side down to the Sea of Marmara. Countries that share a coast with the Black Sea must pass through this strait to reach the Mediterranean. That’s why the Bosphorus has strategic importance. Besides all this, looking at the Asian continent from the tip of the European continent is an invaluable experience. The Bosphorus Bridge, which connects two important continents Asia and Europe by road, is a magnificent structure that needs to be seen. This bridge is a link that connects not only two land pieces, but also two civilizations, two cultures and brings people closer together. Stunning during the day and elegant at night, the Bosphorus captures the light like no other. This makes it an ideal composition for a beautiful Instagram post.


Cappadocia, a natural wonder, is known for its Fairy Chimneys. 60 million years ago, the 3 volcanic mountains in the region; Erciyes, Hasandağı and Güllüdağ, covered the land with lava and ashes. The weather caused erosions and over millions of years, created the fairy chimneys, giving them their unique form. The Fairy Chimneys, which have hosted different societies for thousands of years, have architectural structures such as rock houses, underground cities, churches and hospitals. The beauty of Cappadocia that amazes those who see it is not only limited to the Fairy Chimneys. Other than the natural and historical beauties, hot air balloons floating in the skies of Cappadocia carry the atmosphere of this magic place to an even more incredible point. Colourful balloons floating in the sky create perfect views for Instagram.

Nemrut Mountain

The reason why Turkey's Nemrut Mountain is so interesting is that you get the opportunity to see and touch the ancient Greek and Persian gods. Antiochos Theos, the king of Commagene, was one of the worshipped gods in 62 BC. Along with his statues other goddesses, lions and eagle statues can be seen. You can also see their own tomb temples. With these stone carved sculptures, you can capture perfect compositions for Instagram. Watching either a sunset or sunrise will help you understand why this unique archaeological site is included on the World Heritage list prepared by UNESCO.


One of Turkey's countless natural beauties is the Pamukkale travertines, located in Denizli The Pamukkale travertines, which are unique in the world, welcome visitors from all over the world up in to the clouds of a fairy tale world. The white travertines of Pamukkale, included in the World Heritage list by UNESCO, offer a different visual feast at different times of the day, depending on the angle of the sun’s rays. Pamukkale is one of the most popular sights of Turkey, and one of the most desirable places to Instagram.


Are you ready to discover yet another fairy tale land in Turkey? Mardin pulls you to an authentic world with its yellow houses. The way Mardin houses blend with their unique texture to thousands of years of history of Mesopotamia creates magical views. In addition to the warm and ethnic atmosphere of Mardin, it provides you with amazing compositions for Instagram, including details such as the cultural and historical beauties of the local people.

Lavender Realm

Turkey is not only an amazing place to photograph historical places but it is home to many unique naturally beautiful landscapes. The lavender grown in Isparta is just one of Turkey's unique colours. It is possible to capture amazing views among the purple lavender fields in the region called the Lavender Realm. In this natural wonder in Kuyucak Village, Instagram friendly photos can be taken and you can experience therapeutic moments as you pick the lavender flowers with your hands.

Borçka Karagöl (The Black Lake of Borcka)

Located in the district of Artvin in the Black Sea in Turkey, you can see every shade of green in the surrounding countryside and lake. The environment offers a ‘can’t get enough’ sensation! Peace and tranquillity will fill the frame. A place where nature’s generosity displays a variety of vista that will leave a calming effect on you. If you want to capture an Instagram photo to reflect peace and tranquillity, the vast green lake of Borcka is the perfect place.

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