5 Amazing Adventures Within 15 Minutes of Landing in Dalaman International Airport

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

So you land in Dalaman Airport andrather than make the hour-long trek to Marmaris, or Fethiye, or somewhere else – you want to get sightseeing RIGHT AWAY! We got you covered with 5 amazing spots that are all within just 15 minutes of the airport. Land, get your bags, and get relaxing!

Sarsala Cove

Sure, we know this spot looks too amazing and remote to be within hours of an international airport. But little pieces of paradise are hidden all over the Mediterranean if you know where to look, and Sarsala is no different!

The drive down to Sarsala is simply breathtaking and the ability to leave the crowded airport and stuffy plane and be in a secluded bay that looks untouched by human civilization in under 15 minutes will make your head spin!\


You’ve heard of just how stunning Dalyan is, but you can be looking out at the King’s Tombs across the turquoise riviera in just about 15 minutes after landing! Dalyan has so much to see and do. The town itself is really cute and has all the shops and necessities you could ever want, so if it’s a restaurant and a view you’re after once you’ve landed, Dalyan is probably your best bet.

The beach at Iztuzu is world-class, and features 7 kilometers of golden sand and is protected due to its position as the spawning grounds for the caretta caretta turtles.

Or if you really just want to get away, head straight to Dalyan and take a boat (which are relatively cheap to rent for the day) to a virgin island all to yourselves on any of the beautiful islands surrounding Dalyan. The boat itself will pass through the Dalyan River, as reeds pass either side of you, and just the ride will give you the relaxation you need before you find that sliver of paradise on the island you’re taken to.


Again, the town is quaint but after that long flight you really need the beach and Sarıgerme’s Blue Flag certified beach is what you’re looking for. Its sands have been rated as some of the finest sand in all of Europe and there’s a lovely café serving cold drinks and freshly cooked food to relax in as peacocks, turkeys, and all varieties of exotic birds stroll past you enjoying the views right along with you.

Again for a small fee you can take a boat out to Rabbit Island which sits right across the beach from you and spend the day in a secluded beach where nobody will ever find you – all just a few short minutes after landing! Where else in the world can you say that!

Yuvarlak Cay Cold Springs

You landed and realized, “Whew! The summer months can really be hot in Turkey!” Well not to worry! The Yuvarlak Cay Cold Springs are here to cool you right down! There are dozens of restaurants all situated directly over the running cold springs, so the restaurants themselves have a natural air conditioner as the cold air from the springs rises up into the beanbag chairs and tables dotted around.

They serve fresh fish picked straight out of the water beneath you, and you’ll see whole watermelons all over the river as they keep them cool for the most refreshing of snacks.

Restaurants also create small mini-dams around their restaurants so that patrons can jump in a mini pool and cool off, but beware – the water REALLY is ICE cold! It’s the perfect way to shock yourself out of that plane ride (and any jet lag you might be feeling) and get right into the spirit of travel – all just 15 minutes away from the airport itself! Amazing!

Sulfur Springs

There are two sets of sulfur springs within 15 minutes of Dalaman Airport, both 100% natural and both known almost exclusively to locals. When you go, you might see a few local kids playing in the waters but for the most part they’ll be empty, as many of the local resorts literally take the mud and water from these natural springs and transport them to the resorts, so that their own patrons can have the feel of a sulfur spring without leaving the premises.

Well, the real thing is always best, so get out the airport and jump into the healing waters of a nearby sulfur spring! The first one is on the way to Sarsala Cove, and it’s been recently touched up and is maybe slightly the safer of the two (though both are completely safe). The second is on the way to Sarıgerme, sometimes called Blue Thermal, and is one of the more natural looking spots you’ll ever see – truly giving you the sense that you’re the first person to ever discover them. And the turquoise color of the water is something to see! All within 15 minutes of the airport!

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