In 1950, 25 million people took an international holiday in the world. Today it is around a billion people globally. Because there is more resources, more mobility. World Tourism Organisation says, about 1 point 9 billion people will take holiday in 2030, and about 4 point 3 billion people in 2050.

The world is traveling!


Tourism is a huge sector contributing to the global economy 10.4 percent, generating 1 out of every 10 jobs in total value, and providing 8 percent of all global exports. 


It is faster and it has stronger growth rates than manufacturing! 

Predicting that tourism and travel going to be the world's single largest industry, we are engaged in an aggressive expansion program through our marcom activities and strategic alliances that present synergistic opportunities. We've been focusing Africa recently, which present tremendous tourism-readiness promise.


We are exceptionally well experienced and knowledgeable tourism designers as we know that people come together to create special memories of shared experiences.​

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