Afrosum Holidays Istanbul

It is not the next country on the list. 

It is the most exciting, confusing, surprising,  fascinating and fun destination in the world.


Walk with St. Paul through Asia Minor
A biblical encounter awaits on this epic journey that will see you visit Paul’s birthplace and walk at the same paths Apostle Paul walked, writing over half the New Testament.
Of all the Apostles, Paul stands out as the one who was the traveler par excellence. His journeys through the length and breadth of the ancient world are nothing short of remarkable and given the difficulties of traveling in these times, let alone the animosity and danger he faced trying to convert populations to the new faith, it is a credit to the endurance and tenacity of the man that he accomplished as much as he did. Amid the remains of a fourth-or-fifth-century church at Hierapolis, one of the most significant Christian sites in the world, the birthplace of St. Paul.
On all of his journeys he traveled along the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey, Anatolia) and there are many places along the coast where he stopped and taught, or changed boats, or sheltered from the weather. The Book of Acts covers most of his exploits and journeys.
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Unique Weddings
Perfect Honeymoons
We create tailor-made weddings and honeymoons as amazing as the couple it is created for.
Whether on a mountain peak, a sun-drenched beach or maybe a city break and beach break combined, to experience the best of both worlds. Turkey has it all and we interpret the heartbeat of each location to create 'the event' that resonates with your soul. 
If you dream a unique wedding or a bespoke honeymoon that none of your friends have done before, contact us for the most wonderful event you could have asked for. 
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Uncharted Turkey
Travel the lesser known reaches and unearth the treasures of Turkey. No matter how many times you've been, there's always something new to discover. 
When travelers head to Turkey, they often flock to the stunning coastal beach resorts or the vibrant city of Istanbul.
But, with thousands of years of history and a rich ever changing culture, Turkey's lasting appeal is always on offer, from ancient cities where archaeological ruins illuminate the evolution of human civilization, to the blacksea coast with breathtaking views of tea plantations.
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The Wonders of Cappadocia

Prepare yourself to take a brief journey into the Cappadocian region, where mother nature painstakingly worked miracles that defy the imagination and where the living elements of history, culture, art and society are inextricably linked.


An enchanting open-air museum and an unparalleled example of the common cultural heritage of humanity, 

Cappadocia is located in the middle of a once-active volcanic area of central Anatolia where the land has been shaped into fantastic forms over the course of millions of years. The local people referred to these unique rock formations "Fairy Chimneys", a name that has endured throughout the ages. Fairy chimneys that seem mysterious and cities and houses of worship that extend many meters deep into the earth are all enveloped in an atmosphere that is ethereal and unworldly.

Walk along the tiny winding streets, watch the hot air balloons rise over the region, be rewarded with spectacular views of the cave dwellings and the hor air balloons in every direction,  visit the vineyards, and sip some local wines and bathe in its atmosphere, colours and luminance.

Why take your family to Antalya

Take off your shoes (you don’t need them on the sandy beaches), put away your wallet (everything including alcohol and all-you-can-eat ice cream parlours is included in your room rate), put on your swimsuit on, jump into the crystal turqouise waters, and melt into paradise bliss.

One of the safest summer destinations in the world, Antalya boasts superb amenities and excellent family accommodation, making travelling with children wonderfully stress-free. 

The beach resorts of Antalya are designed to bring the whole family together, and offer something for everyone – from toddlers and teens to parents and grandparents.


There are dedicated sports & activity entertainers on hand to keep everyone busy, including great kids' clubs and activities, huge pools, waterparks and restaurants to suit the fussiest of eaters. Plus, the top quality evening entertainment includes shows for tots, kids, teens and adults.